Air India Express and SpiceJet Issue New Travel Advisories for Passengers to UAE

Air India Express and SpiceJet Issue New Travel Advisories for Passengers to UAE

Air India Express and SpiceJet advise passengers to UAE to carry valid passports, return tickets, accommodation details, and financial proof for a hassle-free journey.

In recent developments, Air India Express and SpiceJet have issued critical travel advisories for passengers traveling from India to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

These advisories ensure that all travelers are adequately prepared with the necessary documents and financial proof to avoid complications.

Detailed Advisory Issued by Airlines

An Air India Express spokesperson confirmed to Khaleej Times that they have urged passengers to carry valid passports, return tickets, accommodation details, and financial proof. According to the advisory:

  • Passports must be valid for at least six months from entry.
  • Visitors must have a confirmed return ticket and proof of confirmed hotel reservation.
  • Financial requirements include having Dh3,000 (approximately Rs68,000) for a 1-month visa and Dh5,000 for a more extended stay.
  • Additional documentation is required for those staying with relatives or friends who are residents of the UAE.

Response from Travel Agents

Travel agents in India and Dubai have received these advisories and are ensuring their clients comply.

Taha Siddique, the owner of Siddique Travels, mentioned:

“We have received circulars from SpiceJet, Air India, and other airlines that have issued such advisories so that travelers can be equipped with all the necessary documents and funds for ease of travel.”

A circular shared with agents by SpiceJet warned passengers that failure to carry the required documents could lead to deportation.

The advisory also highlighted that passengers without the necessary documents would be denied boarding at the departing airport, and all related charges would be debited to the ticketing agency.

Travel Agents’ Vigilance

Travel agents are taking these advisories seriously to avoid any inconvenience to their clients.

Siddique added:

“We ensure that our clients have all the necessary documents before we book their tickets, as we would have to bear the expenses of their return if they are denied entry at UAE airports.”

Travelers’ Preparedness

Travelers are now more aware of these requirements and are taking extra precautions.

Deepak Kaushik, operations manager at ToursOnBoard, stated:

“As many were not allowed to board the flights from India or were sent back from the UAE airport, travelers are not taking any chances now and are well prepared in advance.”

Rigorous Checks at Airports

Airlines conduct rigorous checks at check-in counters to ensure all documents are in order.

Bharath Aidasani, managing partner at Pluto Travels, explained:

“If a visitor is denied entry in the UAE, it becomes the airline’s responsibility to take the traveler back to his home country, which is why they conduct thorough checks before issuing a boarding pass.”

Firoz Maliyakkal, founder and CEO of Tahira Tours and Travels, added:

“Travelers at the check-in counters have their documents checked by airline executives. If travelers fail to produce the necessary documents, they may be sent back or asked to obtain them before boarding the flight.”


In summary, Air India Express and SpiceJet have reinforced the need for proper documentation for passengers traveling to the UAE.

By adhering to these advisories, travelers can ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey and avoid potential deportation and financial loss.

The stringent measures the airlines and travel agents take underscore the importance of being well-prepared before embarking on international travel.

This proactive approach by the airlines and travel agents ensures compliance with UAE entry requirements and enhances the overall travel experience by reducing the risk of unexpected disruptions.

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