Bambaşka Biri - Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz's Highly Anticipated Show Struggles with Ratings

Bambaşka Biri – Hande Erçel, Burak Deniz – Highly Anticipated Show Struggles with Ratings

Bambaşka Biri, featuring Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz, struggles with ratings. Get insights on this Turkish TV drama’s unexpected turn.

Bambaşka Biri – A Promising Start with Unfulfilled Expectations

Turkish television recently experienced excitement with the launch of “Bambaşka Biri,” a new series featuring the popular duo Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz

This project, highly anticipated due to the reunion of these two young actors after years, initially sparked immense interest among fans, especially on social media. 

The series showcased at the Mipcom fair and various international events, quickly became one of the most talked-about projects, attracting attention from foreign broadcasters.

Ratings Plight and Fan Disappointment

Despite the initial buzz and international spotlight, “Bambaşka Biri” has unfortunately struggled to maintain strong ratings domestically. 

The series, which initially aired on Monday evenings, has now been moved to Saturday nights, a change often indicative of lower viewer engagement. 

Fourteen episodes have aired, with rumors circulating on social media about the series concluding at its 16th episode. 

This speculation has led to disappointment among the show’s fans.

A Shift in Viewership and Future Prospects

The lack of sustained local support for “Bambaşka Biri” has significantly affected its ratings decline. 

This downturn is particularly striking, considering the show was one of the season’s most hopeful projects. 

Fans of Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz, who had high expectations for the series, have expressed their disappointment, a sentiment likely shared by the production team as well.


In conclusion, while “Bambaşka Biri” started with great promise and fanfare, its journey has been marred by lower-than-expected ratings and a shift in broadcast schedule.

The series’ future hangs in the balance, leaving fans and the entertainment industry pondering the unpredictable nature of television success.

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