Pfizer Celebrates 175 Years of Global Heritage and Regional Achievements

Pfizer Celebrates 175 Years of Global Heritage and Regional Achievements

Pfizer is celebrating 175 years of innovation and success in healthcare. Explore the latest advancements and partnerships enhancing global patient care.

A Legacy of Innovation and Commitment to Healthcare

On June 11, 2024, Pfizer celebrated its 175th anniversary in Dubai, marking a significant milestone in its journey of innovation, success, and dedication to improving global healthcare.

The event underscored Pfizer’s commitment to transforming patient lives through advanced discoveries and cutting-edge medicines.

Celebrating 175 Years of Medical Advancements

Over the years, Pfizer has remained at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry, making significant strides in various fields, including oncology, vaccines, and artificial intelligence.

The company’s dedication to innovation has led to the development of numerous groundbreaking treatments that have positively impacted millions of lives worldwide.

Pfizer’s Key Achievements in 2023

Patients Reached45 million
Successful Medicine Launches32
Patient Access Programs30 programs in 11 countries
PartnershipsCollaboration with Egypt’s Decent Life Foundation, Moroccan Ministry of Health, and Abu Dhabi Department of Health

Key Milestones and Partnerships

In 2023 alone, Pfizer reached over 45 million patients and launched 32 successful medicines across the Middle East, Russia, and Africa.

The company’s strategic partnerships have been pivotal in advancing healthcare.

Notable collaborations include working with the Decent Life Foundation in Egypt to improve healthcare accessibility and partnering with the Moroccan Ministry of Health to achieve universal health coverage.

Expanding Horizons with Artificial Intelligence

Looking to the future, Pfizer is harnessing artificial intelligence to enhance therapeutic outcomes and expand its portfolio in oncology and vaccines.

The company aims to conduct 35 medicine launches across the Middle East, Russia, and Africa in 2024, continuing its mission to provide cutting-edge treatments to those in need.

Quotes from Leadership

Patrick van der Loo, Regional President of Pfizer in the Middle East, Russia, and Africa, expressed his pride in the company’s achievements:

“We celebrate this significant milestone by highlighting our global achievements over the past 175 years. Our partnerships with public sector leaders in the region have been instrumental in developing national healthcare plans and providing innovative treatments. We look forward to continuing this momentum and paving the way for excellence in the medical field.”

Yasser Al-Dershabi, Vice President and Regional Medical Director of Pfizer, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the company’s commitment to innovation:

“Pfizer has conducted global clinical trials to introduce advanced treatments. Our recent success in the CROWN trial for lorlatinib, a drug for lung cancer, is a testament to our dedication to medical excellence. We remain focused on clinical innovation and are excited about future advancements.”

Enhancing Oncology Treatment

Pfizer’s recent acquisition of the biotechnology company Cygene marks a strategic shift in oncology treatment.

This acquisition has strengthened Pfizer’s capabilities, with over 50 oncology programs in development.

The company has allocated 40% of its R&D investments to oncology, emphasizing its commitment to combating cancer, the leading cause of death worldwide.

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Pfizer’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion is evident in its various programs, such as the LAFTA program and collaborations with the Global Arab Women’s Forum.

These initiatives aim to create a more inclusive work environment and promote equitable health outcomes, driving positive change in the healthcare sector and society.


As Pfizer celebrates 175 years of remarkable achievements, the company remains steadfast in its mission to transform healthcare through innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence.

With a focus on artificial intelligence, oncology, and inclusive practices, Pfizer is poised to continue significantly contributing to global health and improving patients’ lives worldwide.

About Pfizer

For over 150 years, Pfizer has been a leader in the biopharmaceutical industry, dedicated to improving patient lives through advanced science and innovative treatments.

With a global presence, Pfizer collaborates with healthcare providers, governments, and communities to enhance access to quality healthcare. For more information, visit

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