Famous Musician Serdar Ortaç Delights Fans in Ümraniye

Famous Musician Serdar Ortaç Delights Fans in Ümraniye

Ümraniye, Istanbul – Renowned musician Serdar Ortaç thrilled his fans during a special performance in Ümraniye

The event occurred on Alemdağ Street, where the artist engaged with the enthusiastic crowd. 

The concert, attended by hundreds of citizens, also featured a surprise appearance by Mayor İsmet Yıldırım, who joined Ortaç on stage to perform their collaboration, the song “For Those Who Cannot Hear.”

The concert became a memorable night for the people of Ümraniye as they sang along to Ortaç’s greatest hits. 

DJ Kaan Gökman also graced the stage, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. 

As a token of appreciation, Mayor İsmet Yıldırım presented flowers to Serdar Ortaç and his team, acknowledging their talent and contribution to the event.

During his speech, Mayor Yıldırım expressed his pride in Ümraniye, stating:

“Here in Ümraniye, on Alemdağ Street, on July 15 Square, we have Serdar Ortaç and our community. 

Tomorrow is May 28, the day of democracy. 

I invite everyone to the ballot box tomorrow. Let us use it. 

Let us embrace the power of voting together. 

I hope for a brighter future in Ümraniye. 

By electing our President together and ensuring he receives the majority of votes, we can continue our progress and serve our city even better. 

I extend my greetings to the people of Ümraniye.”

Serdar Ortaç’s concert in Ümraniye showcased the enduring bond between the artist and his dedicated fan base. 

With an unforgettable night of music and unity, the attendees and the city’s Mayor were reminded of the importance of community and democracy.

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