Rakhee Raval Shepherd Transforming Luxury Travel with Marketing Prowess

Rakhee Raval Shepherd: Transforming Luxury Travel with Marketing Prowess

Explore Rakhee Raval Shepherd’s journey as Blacklane’s Marketing Head, revolutionizing luxury travel in Dubai with innovative, sustainable strategies.

Dubai, UAE: In the bustling heart of Dubai’s corporate world, Rakhee Raval Shepherd is a beacon of innovation and leadership in the luxury chauffeur service industry. 

As the Head of Marketing and PR at Blacklane Middle East, her journey from a beginner to a marketing guru is a remarkable story of ambition and skill.

Early Career: Laying the Foundations

Rakhee’s professional path began with Ipsos, a renowned market research firm. 

Here, she mastered the art of understanding consumer needs despite the challenging task of cold calling. 

In her university days, she engaged with people, representing beauty and perfume brands at London’s Heathrow Airport

These early experiences laid the groundwork for her exceptional communication and marketing skills.

A Strategic Shift to Dubai

Rakhee’s career took a pivotal turn when she moved to Hong Kong, spearheading the expansion of a fashion accessory supplier in Asia and the Middle East

This crucial decision eventually led her to Dubai, where she was instrumental in launching a new retail concept for a leading fast-fashion brand. 

Her 14-year stint in Dubai has been marked by growth, opportunity, and the allure of a vibrant city.

At the Helm of Blacklane’s Marketing

In her current role at BlacklaneRakhee is a force of strategic thinking and creativity. 

She played a key role in introducing the brand to the Dubai market, skillfully navigating the competitive landscape to elevate Blacklane’s presence and reputation.

The Uniqueness of Blacklane

Under Rakhee’s leadership, Blacklane has flourished, offering an unmatched chauffeur experience. 

The fleet boasts all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQS vehicles, and the chauffeurs are specially trained, highlighting the brand’s commitment to luxury and sustainability.

A Glimpse into Rakhee’s Daily Life

Rakhee balances her demanding professional life with personal care. 

Her mornings begin with meditation, setting the tone for a day filled with marketing strategies, team management, and creative planning. 

Her ability to multitask and pay attention to detail is a cornerstone of her success.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Marketers

For those aspiring to climb the corporate ladder in marketing, Rakhee’s journey is a source of inspiration. 

She emphasizes the importance of multitasking, keen attention to detail, and fostering a motivated team – key ingredients for a successful career in marketing.

Rakhee Raval Shepherd: A Role Model in the Industry

Rakhee reshaped luxury travel with sustainability. Her journey is a testament to passion, perseverance, and strategic thinking.

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