Apple Turkey Implements Significant Price Increase Across Product Range

Apple Turkey Implements Significant Price Increase Across Product Range

Apple customers in Turkey are bracing for substantial price hikes across a wide range of products, reflecting the country’s escalating exchange rates.

The technology giant’s Turkish division, Apple Türkiye, has announced an upward adjustment of up to 10 percent on numerous items in its product lineup.

Earlier in January, Apple Turkey had already enforced a substantial increase on its iPhone 14 range.

This surge resulted in the base model of the iPhone 14 surpassing the 32 thousand Turkish Lira (TL) threshold.

A quick glimpse at the company’s Turkish website today reveals a 10 percent price hike on many products, confirming the new pricing strategy.

Following the latest increases, the entry-level iPhone 14 retails at 35,999 TL.

To put this in perspective, the 128GB variant of the iPhone 14 saw its price rise from 30,999 TL to 32,999 TL in January.

This trend of increased costs is not exclusive to the iPhone lineup either.

A scan of the product listings on the Apple Turkey site reveals that the newly-adjusted prices are immediately noticeable across all categories.

A noteworthy example is the MacBook Air.

Yesterday, the lowest-priced MacBook Air retailed at around 19,700 TL; today, it is marked up to 21,599 TL.

These sharp price increases underscore the broader economic challenges being faced in the region.

As exchange rates continue to fluctuate, Apple’s Turkish consumers must anticipate and adjust to a new normal of rising costs.

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