Bahraini Actress Haifa Hussain A Beacon of Support for Palestine

Bahraini Actress Haifa Hussain: A Beacon of Support for Palestine

Discover the impassioned advocacy of Bahraini actress Haifa Hussain in support of Palestine. Explore how her artistic journey and global platform echo a powerful call against injustice, promoting peace and solidarity.

Haifa Hussain

Haifa Hussain
Haifa Hussain

Raising a Voice for the Voiceless

Bahraini actress and singer Haifa Hussain, known prominently for her roles in Khaliji television dramas, has long supported Palestine

In a recent instance that marked her unyielding solidarity, Haifa Hussain adorned a scarf embossed with the Palestinian flag during an interview, symbolizing her deep connection and unwavering support for the Palestinian cause.

The actress passionately expressed, “How can we sleep while Palestinian children are dying and those who have lived sitting suffering from their wounds and pain? How do we sleep with mothers and fathers crying out, heartbroken over the loss of their children? O Allah, have mercy on them and release them.”

Rooted in Personal Experience

Hussain’s advocacy is deeply personal, born and bred in Bahrain, home to a significant Palestinian refugee populace. 

Her encounters and observations within her homeland have forged a profound empathy towards the Palestinians, witnessing firsthand the scathing impacts of the Israeli occupation on their lives.

Continued Advocacy through Art

Haifa Hussain
Haifa Hussain

Embarking on her career in 1999, Hussain has utilized her platform in various capacities to champion the cause of Palestine. 

Throughout her journey, she has been an inspirational figure, employing her artistic prowess to echo the sufferings of the Palestinians.

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In 2015, Hussain took on a pivotal role in the film “Haifa,” a poignant tale revolving around the adversities faced by a young Palestinian woman in the wake of the Nakba. 

This artistic venture is a testament to her commitment to utilizing the realms of cinema to shed light on the harsh realities marred by conflict and displacement.

Facing Criticism with Resilience

Haifa Hussain
Haifa Hussain

Despite facing backlash and criticism, Hussain has displayed immense resilience, remaining unwavering in her stance. 

Her belief is staunch; the platforms afforded by her artistic journey should be instrumental in voicing injustices and advocating for peace and equity.

Years of Unyielding Support

Haifa Hussain
Haifa Hussain

Hussain’s journey of support has been long and enduring. 

In 2017, she joined several Arab artists in a collective call for a Tel Aviv Film Festival boycott, symbolizing a united front against the ongoing occupation. 

Her tireless advocacy emphasizes a just and humane resolution to the conflict, yearning for a landscape where peace and freedom flourish.

Inspiring Global Solidarity

Haifa Hussain
Haifa Hussain

Haifa Hussain continues to be a beacon of inspiration for many across the globe. 

Her passionate advocacy paints a powerful portrait of how art and influence can be harnessed in the struggle against injustice, fostering a spirit of global solidarity with the people of Palestine.

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