Defne Samyeli's Remarkable Skin Draws Attention from Chinese Genetic Scientists

Defne Samyeli’s Remarkable Skin Draws Attention from Chinese Genetic Scientists

Defne Samyeli’s youthful skin captivates Chinese genetic scientists at Xiamen University, leading to collaborative research in Beijing on skin health and beauty.

Defne Samyeli

Defne Samyeli
Defne Samyeli

Beijing, China – The skin of the renowned Defne Samyeli has become a focal point for genetic scientists in China, particularly those from Xiamen University

These scientists, delving deep into the mysteries of genetic origins and the secrets behind youthful skin, have turned their attention to samples from various countries, including Turkey.

A Journey to Beijing

Defne Samyeli
Defne Samyeli

It has come to light that the team from Xiamen University has specifically examined Defne Samyeli for their groundbreaking research. 

In response to their interest, Samyeli is gearing up to travel to Beijing in the upcoming months. 

During her visit, she will collaborate closely with the university’s researchers at the forefront of genetics and skin rejuvenation studies.

Moreover, the 51-year-old icon is slated to deliver a conference on skin health and beauty, which is expected to draw an audience of around 4,000 attendees.

Defne Samyeli’s Reaction to the Global Attention

Defne Samyeli
Defne Samyeli

In a recent interaction, Defne Samyeli expressed her astonishment and excitement about the unexpected attention from China. 

“I am really surprised. I am accustomed to attention from the Middle East. However, discovering that there is a team from the Far East so keenly following and researching me was truly unexpected,” she said.

She further added: 

I am BEAUTIFUL. It is an immense joy to address such large audiences on deeply passionate topics, regardless of where I am.”

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China’s Influence on Beauty and Cosmetics

Defne Samyeli
Defne Samyeli

Samyeli also highlighted China’s significant role in the global beauty and cosmetics industry. 

She emphasized how the country’s extensive research and experiments have been pivotal in shaping the standards and innovations in skin beauty and health.

With such international collaborations and the spotlight on individuals like Samyeli, the future of skin health and beauty research looks promising.

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