Dilan Polat was Diagnosed with Lupus

Dilan Polat was Diagnosed with Lupus

Dilan Polat has recently been under scrutiny due to allegations against her and her husband, Engin Polat, for money laundering and tax evasion. 

She has now been diagnosed with Lupus. 

Speaking tearfully about her condition, the celebrity shared that the disease is incurable, and she suffers unbearable pain.

“I Can Not Walk Due To The Pain”

Dilan Polat took to her Instagram to share her test results, revealing her diagnosis. 

She said, “I found out I tested positive for Lupus. I knew I felt sick. I need regular cortisone shots and testing. I have a long road ahead. God, help me. I cannot walk because of my pain.”

“It Is Not A Curable Disease”

Dilan Polat was Diagnosed with Lupus
Dilan Polat was Diagnosed with Lupus

Later on, Polat shared a photograph of herself crying and conveyed her emotions, saying:

“I have a heart as delicate as a butterfly. I realized that the butterfly disease had started in my body, too. I knew that because of the pain, sometimes it hit my kidneys. How important is human health? Stress and sadness cause such a huge problem for our bodies. I will not tell you not to stress because I know it is not in your hands, but leave everyone who brings you to this state to God. God is great. It is not a curable disease; they can only suppress it. It stays in the body forever. My mind is so confused right now, and my body hurts a lot. I hope it gets under control, and I hope my pain subsides. I love you all. Take very good care of yourselves.”

What Is Lupus?

Commonly referred to as the butterfly disease, Lupus is a hereditary and rheumatic disease. 

It is characterized by red rashes on the face that resemble the shape of a butterfly.

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