Exciting News for Your Next Adventure Direct Air France Flights to Abu Dhabi Are Back!

Exciting News for Your Next Adventure: Direct Air France Flights to Abu Dhabi Are Back!

Get ready for seamless travel! Direct Air France flights from Abu Dhabi to Paris resume this October. Don’t miss this convenient and exciting opportunity.

We are calling all travel enthusiasts! 

If you have been dreaming of flying off to exotic destinations, we have fantastic news for you. 

Abu Dhabi Airports has just announced the comeback of direct Air France flights between Abu Dhabi and Paris, starting this October. 

It is time to prepare your passports because this is one opportunity you do not want to miss!

No More Layovers: Say Hello to Non-stop Flights

Gone are the days of tiresome layovers and long waiting times at airports. 

With these new direct flights, you will fly straight from Abu Dhabi to the City of Love, Paris! 

Whether planning a romantic getaway, an adventurous solo trip, or a fun-filled family vacation, this non-stop option will make your journey smooth and hassle-free.

More Than Just Convenient: The Power of Bilateral Cooperation

These direct flights do more than save you time – they open up exciting opportunities for cooperation between Abu Dhabi and Paris. 

Imagine the possibilities for businesses, trade, and tourism! 

This air connection will help strengthen ties between the two vibrant cities and foster cultural exchange, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

Abu Dhabi Airport’s Growing Network: Your Gateway to the World

Abu Dhabi Airport’s network is expanding faster than ever before. 

It connects to an impressive 114 destinations in 61 countries, served by 23 airlines. 

So not only will you have easy access to the beautiful city of Paris, but you can also use Abu Dhabi as your springboard to explore incredible places all around the globe.

Elena Sorrellini: The Woman Behind the Magic

Let us shout out to Elena Sorrellini, the Acting CEO of Abu Dhabi Airports, who played a crucial role in making this partnership with Air France a reality.

Her dedication and commitment to enhancing the travel experience for everyone have paved the way for this exciting development. 

We cannot thank her enough for bringing us closer to our dream destinations!

Dubai Islamic: Making Financial Waves

In other news, “Dubai Islamic” is making serious waves in the financial world. 

Their profits have soared by an impressive 17% in the second quarter, reaching 1.6 billion dirhams. 

Kudos to the Emirates banks for their remarkable performance and contribution to the UAE’s economy.

Angus Clarke: Spreading Excitement for Abu Dhabi’s Rise

Angus Clarke, the Chief Commercial Officer of Air France KLM, could not contain his excitement about these new direct flights. 

He praised Abu Dhabi’s rapid growth and position as a major international destination in the Middle East region. 

With this convenient air link, travelers from all over Europe can now easily explore the wonders of Abu Dhabi and beyond.

Time to Pack Your Bags!

So, folks, there you have it – the much-awaited news about the resumption of direct Air France flights to Abu Dhabi. 

It is time to start planning your next adventure! Whether you want to soak up the romance of Paris or explore the treasures of Abu Dhabi, these flights offer you the perfect opportunity to embark on your dream journey.

Get ready to experience seamless travel, exciting cooperation, and endless possibilities. 

Buckle up because your next adventure is just around the corner. Bon voyage!

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