Oman's 'Gift For Life' A Digital Tourism Campaign Targeting Europe and the GCC

Oman’s ‘Gift For Life’: A Digital Tourism Campaign Targeting Europe and the GCC

Discover Oman’s ‘Gift For Life’ campaign, targeting Europe and GCC. Explore diverse landscapes and rich culture in Oman’s latest tourism initiative.

MUSCAT: Oman’s New Tourism Initiative

Through its National Travel Operator Visit Oman, Oman is set to launch a new digital tourism marketing campaign to charm travelers from Europe and the GCC region. 

This innovative initiative, named ‘Gift For Life,’ was first announced by the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism on November 6, 2023, and is scheduled to commence on November 20. 

It will continue until the onset of ITB Berlin 2024 in early March, where Oman proudly stands as the official host country.

The Essence of ‘Gift For Life’

In an exclusive interview with Breaking Travel News (BTN) at the recently concluded World Travel Market (WTM) in London, Shabib Al Maamari, Managing Director of Visit Oman, revealed the campaign’s unique approach. 

It encourages individuals to gift their loved ones a memorable holiday in Oman, offering a rich blend of experiences, from adventure tourism and solitude to culture.

Oman’s Diverse Attractions

Shabib Al Maamari emphasized Oman’s diverse tourism appeal, boasting 3,000 kilometers of coastline, majestic mountains, vast deserts, and a rich cultural heritage.

This varied landscape caters to different market segments, making Oman a versatile holiday destination.

B2B Focus at WTM 2023

Visit Oman utilized the WTM 2023, primarily a B2B travel fair, to showcase the Sultanate’s potential to new markets and event participants. 

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The fair served as a platform for Oman to highlight its offerings to industry professionals.

Expanding Reach Beyond Traditional Markets

According to Al Maamari, Oman’s source markets include regions accessible by national carrier Oman Air, such as neighboring GCC countries, Western Europe, and India. 

However, there is also a keen interest in tapping into Eastern European markets. 

In addition, Visit Oman’s collaborations with over 60 airlines help extend its global reach to North and South America and the Far East.

Partnerships and Digital Integration

During WTM 2023, Visit Oman forged partnerships with leading travel service providers. 

A significant partnership was with Prioticket, a global connectivity platform. 

This collaboration will enable B2B stakeholders like online travel agents, hotels, tour operators, and destination management companies to explore Oman’s offerings fully. 

The partnership promises enhanced mobile transactions, timely bookings, and advanced digital interactions, streamlining the process for industry resellers.


Oman’s ‘Gift For Life’ campaign represents a strategic move to diversify its tourism sources and offer unique experiences to a broader audience. 

With its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and digital initiatives, Oman is positioning itself as a must-visit destination in the global travel market.

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