Egypt Considering Ban on TikTok Due to Negative Impact on Youth

Egypt Considering Ban on TikTok Due to Negative Impact on Youth

Egypt: government is considering banning TikTok, a popular video-sharing app, due to concerns over its negative impact on young people.

The app has faced criticism for hosting content that goes against morals.

Dr. Muhammad Emara, a member of the Senate for the Coordination of Party Youth, believes that apps like TikTok on the internet cause damage.

Safety policies and standards must be formed for apps like TikTok. 

He also says that the goal is to develop more disciplined legislation to prevent self-harm and human trafficking crimes.

Counselor Dr. Ahmed Al-Qarmani, a legal expert, says that the right to block websites or electronic links is granted by Law 175 of 2018, which combats information technology crimes. 

The Public Prosecution and investigation authorities have the right to request a block if the site broadcasts illegal content, such as threats to national security. 

The court must decide within 72 hours. 

In urgent cases, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority may temporarily block the site.

The legal expert adds that the court may end the blocking or modify it if an acquittal ruling is issued or there is no evidence for a criminal case. 

The Public Prosecution and investigation authorities may also block websites used by terrorist entities to communicate or spread rumors.

In conclusion, the decision to block TikTok in Egypt will depend on whether it is found to be promoting illegal or harmful content. 

The government is considering reviewing legislation for electronic applications and developing Egyptian platforms to promote a safe and disciplined online environment.

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