Johnny Depp's Unexpected Friendship with Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Johnny Depp’s Unexpected Friendship with Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Explore Johnny Depp’s unexpected bond with Saudi Crown Prince MBS amidst Saudi Arabia’s cultural transformation and Vision 2030.

A Hollywood Star Meets Royalty

In a story that bridges the worlds of Hollywood glamour and Middle Eastern royaltyJohnny Depp, the celebrated American actor, finds himself in an unusual friendship with Mohammed bin Salman (MBS)the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

This narrative unfolds against Depp’s involvement in a French period drama, Jeanne du Barry, where a simple invitation from Prince Badr bin Farhan Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s Culture Minister, sets the stage for this extraordinary connection.

The Initial Encounter

Prince Badr, a cousin to MBS and known for his involvement in acquiring the Salvator Mundi painting, extends an invitation to Depp during the actor’s film preparation in July 2022. 

Despite initial reluctance, Depp’s participation in the film, backed by Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Film Fund, compels him to meet with the prince. 

This meeting paves the way for Depp’s introduction to MBS, beginning an unparalleled bromance.

MBS’s Vision and Depp’s Journey

MBS is at the forefront of a bold initiative to reshape Saudi Arabia into a cultural and economic powerhouse. 

This vision aligns with Depp’s subsequent deep immersion into Saudi culture. 

Over a year, Depp spends extensive time exploring the kingdom, from staying in royal palaces to attending high-profile events in London with MBS—their friendship blossoms, reflecting a mutual understanding and respect.

Overcoming Controversy

Both Depp and MBS have experienced their share of public scrutiny and controversy—Depp with his highly publicized legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard, and MBS with the global outcry following the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. 

However, these controversies have deepened their bond, with Depp expressing admiration for the cultural revolution he witnessed firsthand in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Renaissance

Under MBS’s ambitious Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia invests heavily in various sectors, including entertainment, to diversify its economy and promote cultural growth. 

The kingdom hosts major Hollywood productions and international stars, signalling a significant shift from its once-restrictive entertainment landscape. 

Depp’s engagements in the country, including his attendance at the Red Sea Film Festival and his directorial project Modi, strongly endorse Saudi Arabia’s cultural ambitions.

The Essence of the Friendship

Despite the opulence and privileges of being close to MBS, Depp insists his friendship with the crown prince is genuine, valuing the personal connection over material benefits. 

Their relationship, enriched by shared experiences and discussions on art and culture, underscores a mutual desire to foster creative expression and innovation in Saudi Arabia.


Johnny Depp’s unexpected friendship with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman highlights a fascinating intersection of global entertainment and political power. 

It underscores the transformative power of cultural diplomacy and personal connections in bridging disparate worlds. 

As Saudi Arabia continues on its path of cultural and economic reform, the bond between Depp and MBS serves as a testament to the potential of cross-cultural collaborations to challenge perceptions and inspire change.

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