Gülsim Ali İlhan and Uğur Güneş Gülsim Ali İlhan and Uğur Güneş

Lead Actors of “Al Sancak” Series Share Behind-the-Scenes Insights

Gülsim Ali İlhan and Uğur Güneş, the main actors of the popular TV series “Al Sancak,” recently took the time to answer questions from their fans. 

During a program broadcast on TRT’s YouTube channel, the duo confessed sincerely and shared interesting details about their experiences on set.

Gülsim Ali İlhan and Uğur Güneş
Gülsim Ali İlhan and Uğur Güneş

When asked about the funniest and hardest-working person in the series, both actors agreed it was the cinematographer. Additionally, they revealed their shared love for food. 

Uğur Güneş openly admitted: 

“I am a glutton. I accept it. I love to eat.”

Gülsim Ali İlhan, on the other hand, acknowledged that she does not have the best eating habits. Uğur Güneş playfully teased her, saying:

“You would be the one who talked the most” on set, referring to her tendency to talk a lot.

The series has gained a significant following, with fans often using the hashtag #AlNad on social media. 

This hashtag refers to the characters Ali and Nadia, played by Gülsim Ali İlhan and Uğur Güneş, respectively. 

Thousands of posts are shared weekly as fans compare and discuss these beloved characters.

Gülsim Ali İlhan and Uğur Güneş
Gülsim Ali İlhan and Uğur Güneş

Uğur Güneş expressed gratitude for the fans’ interest, stating:

“We are happy; we like it.” 

Gülsim Ali İlhan echoed his sentiment, praising the fans for their great taste in music selection and expressing her agreement with most of their posts.

During the conversation, Uğur Güneş revealed that he considers a necklace he wears lucky, as it holds sentimental value. 

Gülsim Ali İlhan shared that she believes in totems and often creates them, especially when she fears being late for a meeting or important event.

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When asked to describe each other, Uğur Güneş affectionately characterized his partner as kind-hearted and cheerful. 

In return, Gülsim Ali İlhan described him as emotional, understanding, and someone who loves animals.

Gülsim Ali İlhan and Uğur Güneş
Gülsim Ali İlhan and Uğur Güneş

Interestingly, both actors share a deep love for potatoes. It was revealed that Gülsim Ali İlhan’s nickname on set is “potato,” she even jokingly mentioned being called “mashed potatoes” at home.

As for their favorite TV series, Uğur Güneş expressed his admiration for “Number Seven,” which airs on TRT1, while Gülsim Ali İlhan listed three series she enjoys: “Gönül Mountain,” “Diriliş Osman,” and course, “Al Sancak,” in which she also stars.

The insights shared by Gülsim Ali İlhan and Uğur Güneş have given fans a glimpse into their experiences on the set of “Al Sancak.” 

The actors’ chemistry and dedication have undoubtedly contributed to the series’ success, further solidifying their connection with the audience.

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