Melis Sezen Joins the Cast of Senden Önce

Melis Sezen Joins the Cast of Senden Önce

“Senden Önce” joins Kanal D’s lineup with stars Melis Sezen and İbrahim Çelikkol, promising a captivating drama series.

A New Addition to Kanal D’s Upcoming Series

Kanal D’s new series, initially announced under the title “Ölene Kadar,” has been officially renamed “Senden Önce.” 

The production, backed by D Media, has recently added a prominent name to its cast: Melis Sezen.

Anticipated Premiere

“Senden Önce,” a series eagerly awaited by audiences, is set to hit the screens soon.

The show has been making headlines with its impressive casting. 

İbrahim Çelikkol was the first actor announced to join the lineup. 

Now, Melis Sezen has been confirmed as the second major addition to the cast, further heightening the anticipation for the series.

Ongoing Preparations

As Kanal D gears up for the premiere of “Senden Önce,” preparations are in full swing. 

The inclusion of Melis Sezen, known for her remarkable performances, is a significant boost to the already high expectations for the series. 

With a dynamic cast and a compelling storyline, “Senden Önce” is poised to be a notable addition to Kanal D’s roster of hit shows.

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