Bakan Tekin Addresses Sect Comments in Parliament A Legal Matter, Not Political

Bakan Tekin Addresses “Sect” Comments in Parliament: A Legal Matter, Not Political

National Education Minister Yusuf Tekin addresses ‘sect’ comments in TBMM, highlighting legal perspectives in Turkish political and educational discourse.

Ankara – Recent remarks by National Education Minister Yusuf Tekin during budget discussions in the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) have sparked a wave of debate. 

When questioned about his statement regarding the government’s protocols with organizations labeled as ‘sects’ or ‘communities’ by some, Minister Tekin clarified, saying, “This is a legal issue, not a political one.”

Controversy Over Minister Tekin’s Comments in Parliament

During the budget meetings in the TBMM, Minister Tekin’s comments about agreements with various organizations, which some refer to as ‘sects’ or ‘communities,’ have stirred public and media debate. 

Minister Tekin defended these protocols in his speech at the General Assembly, stating, “What you call ‘sects, communities’, we consider ‘NGOs.’ We have about ten protocols with such organizations. I thank those who support us through these protocols. We will continue to make agreements with them.”

In response to a question posed by Halk TV reporter Ayşegül Altın regarding these sects, Minister Tekin responded, “We will explain in a press conference. 

This is a legal issue, not a political one.” Following the discussion, Minister Tekin presented a bouquet to the journalist who asked the question.

What Did Minister Tekin Say?

During his speech in the General Assembly of TBMM, Minister Tekin detailed the existence of 2,709 protocols valid as of 2023. 

“Among these, 1,167 are with official institutions, 550 with NGOs, and 986 with various NGOs from TEMA to the Red Crescent. Among these are about ten protocols with what you call ‘sects, communities’, which we call ‘NGOs.’ I thank those who support us through these protocols, and we will continue to agree with them,” he elaborated.

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