Taurus SA Expands to Dubai: Strengthening Digital Asset Infrastructure in the Middle East

Taurus SA Expands to Dubai: Strengthening Digital Asset Infrastructure in the Middle East

Taurus SA expands to Dubai, strengthening its digital asset and blockchain infrastructure in the Middle East and Turkey.

In a significant move marking its continued growth, Taurus SA, a Swiss institution known for its digital asset infrastructure services, has announced the expansion of its operations by opening a new office in Dubai. 

This strategic move is set to bolster Taurus SA’s presence in the Middle East region, including Turkey, further solidifying its role as a technology leader in the digital assets sphere.

Bashir Kazour at the Helm of UAE Office

The new United Arab Emirates office, based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), is being led by Managing Director Bashir Kazour

With over two decades of experience in retail, capital markets, and technology, Kazour’s expertise is a significant asset for Taurus. 

His background includes roles at the Royal Bank of Canada, Standard Chartered, and FIS, a prominent banking and payment technology provider. 

Kazour’s diverse experience, especially in collaborating with clients ranging from sovereign wealth funds to family offices, positions him ideally to drive Taurus’ growth in the region.

Embracing Blockchain and Digital Assets

The Middle East, particularly known for its rapid adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets, presents a fertile ground for Taurus’ expansion. 

Kazour expressed his excitement about leading Taurus in this dynamic market, emphasizing the alignment of Taurus’ capabilities in custody and tokenization with the region’s needs. 

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This move is timely, considering the UAE’s recent advancements in regulatory frameworks for digital assets, such as establishing the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) in Dubai.

European Leadership and Strategic Partnerships

Taurus SA has already established itself as a leader in the European market, especially in the banking segment, boasting a significant market share. 

Its recent partnerships with notable institutions like Deutsche Bank and CACEIS highlight its growing influence. 

Moreover, the company’s successful Series B funding round, which raised $65 million with contributions from Arab Bank Switzerland, Credit Suisse, and Pictet, further underscores its robust financial backing and industry trust.

About Taurus SA

Founded in 2018, Taurus SA provides comprehensive digital asset infrastructure solutions, including issuing, custody, and trading various digital assets like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and digital currencies. 

With a dominant market share in Switzerland and a strong presence in the European banking sector, Taurus serves a wide range of financial institutions. 

The company also operates TDX, a marketplace for private assets and tokenized securities. 

For more information, visit www.taurushq.com.

Taurus’ Digital Asset Platform and Products

Taurus offers diverse products catering to different business models and risk tolerances. 

Its clients can manage NFTs and cryptocurrencies and digitize or tokenize assets on various standards. 

Its product suite includes Taurus-PROTECT™ for secure storage, Taurus-CAPITAL™ for managing the lifecycle of tokenized assets and NFTs, and TDX™, a regulated marketplace for digital assets. 

These products are supported by Taurus-EXPLORER™, a blockchain node infrastructure offering a unified API for secure interactions with blockchain networks. 

More details are available at Taurus HQ.

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