Şevval Sam's Emotional Song Brings Tears

Şevval Sam’s Emotional Song ‘Ben Seni Sevduğumi’ Brings Tears

Türkiye: The recent 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey has left the country with many wounds to heal.

People worldwide are coming together to provide financial and moral support to help ease the pain.

Greece is among the countries that have been providing support, and its state television ERT has made a touching contribution to the coverage of the disaster.

On the second day of the earthquake, ERT opened its broadcast with images from the affected areas, showing the thousands of buildings that have been reduced to ruins.

Along with these images, the song “Ben Seni Sevduğumi,” sung by Şevval Sam, was also played.

This emotional song, originally sung by Kazım Koyuncu, touched the hearts of many people watching the broadcast.

Şevval Sam is a popular singer who is well-known for his emotional performances.

She was among the many sensitive people who tried to support the earthquake victims from the very first hours of the disaster.

She used her voice on social media to raise awareness about the disaster and to encourage people to offer their support.

When Şevval Sam heard her voice being played on Greek television along with the footage of the earthquake, she was deeply moved.

She expressed her emotions, saying, “This togetherness, this love, this solidarity make me cry the most; why do we remember only with such great pain that we are human, and if there is death, the rest is empty? So let the songs bring us together rather than the pain; my biggest wish for the future is my friends.”

Şevval Sam’s emotional song has added to the outpouring of love and support shown to Turkey in the aftermath of the earthquake.

This touching moment has reminded us all of the power of music to bring people together and offer comfort during difficult times.

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