TV and Film Industry Stops to Support Earthquake Victims in Turkey

TV and Film Industry Stops to Support Earthquake Victims in Turkey

Türkiye: A major earthquake has hit several provinces in the country, causing widespread destruction and loss of life.

In response, the TV and film industry has come together to support relief efforts, with many famous actors lending their support.

These actors loved and followed by many, have stepped up to help in various ways.

Some use their social media presence to spread information about the disaster and aid campaigns, while others donate financial assistance or deliver essential supplies to those affected by the earthquake.

The TV and film industry has also played a role in the relief effort, with the “Setleri Durdurun” campaign launched on social media.

This campaign calls on production companies to halt their work and donate resources such as caravans, generators, and equipment to the disaster zone.

This call to action was answered by several production companies, including Ay Yapım, who announced that they had stopped their work and were moving resources to the earthquake zone.

In addition, the Association of Television and Cinema Film Producers, Tesiyap, has also stated that they have suspended their TV series and film works and are collecting financial and in-kind donations to deliver to earthquake victims.

In light of the disaster, many actors have decided to take a break from filming and are working on the front lines to help those in need.

The shooting of many TV series has been put on hold indefinitely, and the actors, technicians, and other film and TV industry members are using their skills and resources to support relief efforts.

This outpouring of support from the TV and film industry is a reminder that, even in difficult times, people can come together to help those in need.

The actors and production companies who have stopped their sets and are working to aid earthquake victims are making us proud and showing that the spirit of kindness and generosity can be a powerful force in times of crisis.

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