Syrian Singer Assala Nasri Attends Saudi Idol Despite Crisis

Syrian Singer Assala Nasri Attends Saudi Idol Despite Crisis

Egypt: Syrian singer Assala Nasri has come under fire on social media for attending the first season of Saudi Idol, despite the ongoing crisis in Syria following a recent earthquake. 

Assala Nasri is one of the four judges on the show, alongside Aseel Abu Bakr, Emirati singer Ahlam Al-Shamsi, and Majid Al-Mohandes.

The earthquake, which occurred on Monday morning, resulted in the death of over 3,162 people.

Some fans criticized Assala for not skipping the show in light of the disaster in her home country. 

However, others noted that she may not have had a choice.

Assala responded to the criticism by stating that showing sympathy for those affected by the earthquake does not require her to stop her work. 

She further added that strong individuals like herself are needed during difficult times to support those in need.

To help those affected by the disaster, Assala has stated that she has donated her concert earnings in Dubai to those in greater need.

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