UAE Petrol and Diesel Prices Plummet Petrol Down 37%, Diesel Down 42% in a Year

UAE Petrol and Diesel Prices Plummet: Petrol Down 37%, Diesel Down 42% in a Year

Save big on fuel costs in the UAE as petrol prices drop 37% and diesel prices plummet by 42% in just one year. Enjoy more affordable journeys with significant savings at the pump.

Hey there, folks! 

We have some exciting news for drivers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

The cost of petrol and diesel has taken a nosedive over the past year, making it a lot easier on our wallets. 

Petrol prices have dropped by an average of 37%, while diesel prices have dropped an incredible 42%.

Let us break it down. 

As of July 2023, you can fill your tank with E-Plus 91 petrol for AED2.81 per liter. 

That is a whopping 36.7% less than last year in the same month when it was AED4.44 per liter. 

Moreover, hold on to your hats because diesel prices have fallen even more! 

This month, you can get diesel for just AED2.76 per liter at fuel stations across the country, compared to AED4.76 per liter last year. 

That means it is a jaw-dropping 42% cheaper than before, saving you a cool AED2 per liter.

However, wait, there is more! 

It is more than petrol and diesel that are getting cheaper. Special 95 and Super 98 fuel options are also following suit. 

They have seen significant price drops of 36% and 35.2%, respectively. 

So, no matter what fuel you prefer, you are in for great savings.

Let us take a closer look at the yearly changes in fuel prices from July 2022 to July 2023. Brace yourselves:

  • Special 95: It used to cost you AED4.52 per liter in July 2022, but now you can fill up for just AED2.89 per liter. That is a solid 36% reduction year-on-year.
  • Super 98: Last year, it was AED4.63 per liter, but now you can get it for AED3.00 per liter. That is a nifty 35.2% reduction compared to July 2022.
  • E-Plus: In July 2022, it set you back AED4.44 per liter, but now it is only AED2.81 per liter. That is a significant 36.7% decrease year-on-year.
  • Diesel: Okay, get ready for this. Last year, diesel cost AED4.76 per liter, but this year, it is down to AED2.76 per liter. That is a whopping 42% reduction from July 2022!

Now, why are these prices changing? 

It all depends on what is happening in the global energy market. 

The UAE’s Fuel Price Committee meets every month to determine if petrol prices should go up or down. 

This year, petrol prices have been like a rollercoaster. 

Some months they go down, but the next month they go up again. 

On the other hand, diesel prices have been going down consistently throughout 2023. 

It is a bit of a mixed bag, but we are enjoying the downward trend in diesel costs.

In the past, the Fuel Price Committee froze petrol prices in 2020 to keep things stable. 

However, they lifted those restrictions in March 2021, when oil prices started soaring globally. 

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the price of petrol is affected by trends in crude oil prices worldwide.

So, there you have it, folks! 

As the UAE experiences these significant drops in petrol and diesel prices, you can look forward to more affordable trips and some extra cash. 

Happy driving!

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