Historic Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Champion's Wife Speaks Out A Truly Joyful Moment

Historic Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Champion’s Wife Speaks Out: A Truly Joyful Moment

Discover the heartwarming moment when Yusuf Can Zeybek, historic Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling champion, celebrates with his wife. Read their story of unity and triumph!

Hey, did you hear about the incredible Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling event? 

It made history with the victory of Yusuf Can Zeybek, known as Başpehlivan Zeybek, in the final match against İsmail Balaban, also called the “yellow storm.” 

However, that is not all—what made it even more special was the heartwarming scene when Zeybek’s wife, Sümeyye Zeybek, rushed into the ring to celebrate with him. 

She recently opened up about that unforgettable moment, which is truly heart-melting.

Sümeyye Zeybek, a former national wrestler and the current trainer for the U20 Women’s Wrestling National Team revealed that she has been the biggest supporter of her husband’s wrestling career. 

She could not contain her excitement when he clinched the championship at Kırkpınar. 

She confessed: “We had a special agreement before the match. I promised him I would jump around his neck if he won and put on the championship belt. And guess what? He agreed!” A spontaneous burst of happiness brought them together in an embrace of pure joy.

Yusuf Can Zeybek, covered in oil after defeating İsmail Balaban, and Sümeyye Zeybek, bursting with pride and happiness, hugging each other tightly. 

The crowd erupted in applause, cheering for this power couple. Sümeyye Zeybek, a former wrestler, could not help but express her emotions and celebrate her husband’s well-deserved victory.

Sümeyye Zeybek also revealed her immense pride in being the wife of a champion wrestler. 

She highlighted that her husband had already won medals in European and world championships, making this triumph even more special. 

As a mother and a supportive partner, she wished everyone could experience the overwhelming happiness she felt at that moment. 

Sümeyye Zeybek acknowledged her and her husband’s sacrifices, saying, “He worked tirelessly, gave his all, and now he has reaped the rewards. He truly deserves it, and I am grateful to see him shine.”

Their unity and shared journey in the wrestling world were evident in Sümeyye Zeybek’s words. She explained:

“We have been fighting side by side, like warriors. We have had countless conversations about this exact moment of triumph. I promised: ‘If you win and become the champion, I will jump on your neck.’ And he agreed. We could not hold back our excitement at that moment, and we just ran toward each other, overflowing with joy. I cannot help but shout and cheer for my husband, as I am a wrestler.

“He is not just an athlete; he has incredible character and diverse skills. This victory is a testament to his hard work and the recognition he deserves.”

Yusuf Can Zeybek, a decorated wrestler with numerous titles, expressed his gratitude for his wife’s unwavering support. 

He highlighted how she plays a vital role in his success, not just as a coach and a trainer but also as someone who helps him maintain discipline in his daily life. 

With a smile, he jokingly added, “Sometimes she tightens the reins a little to keep me on track.”

The Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling championship will forever be remembered not only for the incredible skill and determination displayed by Yusuf Can Zeybek but also for the heartfelt celebration shared between him and his wife, Sümeyye Zeybek. 

Their unity, support, and unyielding dedication serve as an inspiration to athletes and couples around the world. 

Together, they have shown us the power of teamwork and the joy of celebrating each other’s victories.

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