Referee Samir Othman Egypt's World Cup Dreams Depend on Hossam Hassan

Referee Samir Othman: Egypt’s World Cup Dreams Depend on Hossam Hassan

Discover the insights of referee Samir Othman as he discusses Egypt’s World Cup prospects and shares memorable moments with football legends. 

Gain unique perspectives on the sport and its key figures in this engaging interview.

In a recent interview on the “At the Stadium” program aired on “Nogoum FM,” referee Samir Othman shared his thoughts on some exciting football events and discussed his experiences on the field. 

He did not hesitate to express his concerns about the upcoming summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, the two powerhouse Egyptian teams. 

Othman also shed light on the role of foreign referees and the impact of clubs and social media and shared some memorable moments with legendary figures like Hossam Hassan, Hossam Ghaly, and Mahmoud Abdel Razek “Shikabala.”

During the conversation, Othman expressed disappointment in selecting referees for important matches. 

He mentioned that foreign referees could not officiate the summit matches due to a lack of international officials in Sudan and Morocco. 

He firmly believed that foreign referees would provide a fairer perspective. 

Othman even mentioned a few referees, such as Hamada Al-Qalawi, Wael Farhan, and Hisham Al-Falal, whom he thought were suitable for the upcoming summit match.

Othman did not shy away from highlighting the challenges referees face, especially regarding biases and relationships within the football community. 

He acknowledged that some international referees may have preferences or affiliations with certain teams, which can influence their decisions. 

However, he reassured that referees know each other’s inclinations and that personal connections are kept separate from their officiating duties.

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During the conversation, Othman fondly recalled his experiences with Hossam Hassan as a player and a coach. 

He described Hassan as exceptionally passionate and strongly believed that Egypt’s national team could not make it to the World Cup without him. 

Othman also mentioned a disagreement with Hassan during one match, leading to both being expelled from the field. 

Fortunately, they later resolved their differences and maintained a positive relationship.

Speaking about Hossam Ghaly, a former Al-Ahly star, Othman admired Ghaly’s leadership qualities and considered him a potential future leader in the football world. 

He commended Ghaly for his sports contributions and recognized his respected status among players and fans.

Othman shared an exciting memory involving Mahmoud Abdel Razek “Shikabala,” the renowned Zamalek star. 

He recalled refereeing a match between Zamalek and Atletico Madrid, where Shikabala fell in the penalty area.

Despite his initial doubt, Othman relied on the assistant referee’s judgment and awarded a penalty kick. 

Shikabala’s teammate, Mido, took the opportunity and successfully converted the penalty into a goal.

When asked about the player who frequently challenged his decisions, Othman singled out Ahmed Eid Abdel-Malik. 

Despite the disagreements, Othman expressed his affection for Abdel-Malik and acknowledged his passionate nature.

Samir Othman’s insights into the football world and personal experiences provide a fascinating glimpse into the sport.

As Egypt’s national team strives to qualify for the World Cup, Othman’s endorsement of Hossam Hassan’s coaching abilities highlights the importance of experienced leaders in achieving success on the field.

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