Former Windsurfer Lee Korzitz Opens Up About Battle with Serious Blood Disease

Former Windsurfer Lee Korzitz Opens Up About Battle with Serious Blood Disease

Former windsurfer Lee Korzitz opens up about her battle with a serious blood disease, sharing her resilience and determination to live. Her emotional journey serves as an inspiration to face life’s challenges head-on.

In a heartfelt and emotional post, Lee Korzitz, the former Olympic athlete and windsurfing champion, bravely shared her ongoing struggle with a complex blood disease. 

The gold medalist, who won four world championships, spoke openly about her challenges and unwavering determination to live life to the fullest.

Lee Korzitz
Lee Korzitz

Korzitz’s Journey: A Rollercoaster of Thoughts and Emotions

Korzitz did not hold back when describing the rollercoaster of thoughts accompanying her battle with the blood disease. 

She reflected on the past 24 years with a touch of introspection, initially feeling immense pressure when her mother shared the diagnosis. 

Over time, she accepted that it is a chronic condition that can be managed properly. 

She is determined to continue for many years while reminding herself of her strong spirit, affectionately dubbed the “Korzitz body.”

The Highs and Lows of Achieving Success

From a talented girl to a world-class athlete, Korzitz’s focus and hard work propelled her to unprecedented success. 

She proudly recalls her four world championships and her thrilling Olympic career. 

However, upon retiring from the sport nine years ago, she realized that her obsession with her body’s performance went beyond what was healthy. 

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It was a valuable lesson in finding balance and appreciating her body’s needs.

The Toll on Her Body: A Price Paid for Glory

Korzitz openly discusses the toll her demanding sport took on her body. The medications, toxins, and intense physical strain hindered her body’s natural cleansing processes. 

Despite her ability to recover well, the disease took its toll as the years passed. 

She vividly remembers the turning point when she injured herself in Hawaii and had to undergo light chemotherapy to restore equilibrium.

Determined to Win at Sea, Ignoring the Warning Signs

Even in the face of health challenges, Korzitz’s drive to succeed pushed her forward. 

The sea became her sanctuary, where she could train and find peace. 

She often disregarded her body’s signals of imbalance, focusing solely on victory. 

She describes a cycle of destruction and growth, acknowledging the need for self-awareness. 

Despite enduring multiple surgeries, she found strength in adapting to constant pain and weakness.

The Brief Moments of Bliss

Korzitz recalls a magical moment where her passion for windsurfing brought her pure happiness. 

For a fleeting instant, she escaped the pain and weakness that plagued her, fully immersing herself in the joy of the sea. 

However, her elation was cut short when a bone marrow test revealed alarming news. 

Her doctor informed her of a high percentage of cancerous cells, indicating the potential progression to acute leukemia. 

It was a stark wake-up call, and Korzitz confronted the severity of her situation head-on.

Prioritizing Life: A Difficult Choice

Confronted with the gravity of her condition, Korzitz faced a challenging decision: preserve her fertility or prioritize her survival. 

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Acknowledging the risks involved in fertility treatments, she made the courageous choice to focus on living. 

She let go of the dream of having a biological child and embarked on a treatment plan involving chemotherapy and biological therapy, all in preparation for a bone marrow transplant.

Embracing the Challenges Ahead

Despite the road ahead being fraught with difficulties, Korzitz remains optimistic. 

The initial treatments have shown promising results, with her recent bone marrow tests returning clean after seven rounds of chemotherapy. 

However, she knows there are more months of treatment to endure before the daunting prospect of transplantation and the subsequent isolation period. 

Korzitz also acknowledges the significance of her hair, symbolizing her femininity and strength, as she prepares for the changes it will undergo.

A Tapestry of Life’s Complexity

In closing her poignant post, Korzitz acknowledges her life’s intricate tapestry. 

She recognizes her hardships but also embraces the abundance of goodness, beauty, and joy that accompanies them. 

With an unwavering love for life and a determination to learn and grow, she sets a new goal: to live. Korzitz encourages others to face life’s challenges head-on and find joy in the journey.

As Lee Korzitz continues her battle with the blood disease, she is a powerful inspiration, reminding us of the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of embracing life in the face of adversity.

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