Rev Up Your Ride with Dubai's Hottest Number Plate Auction!

Rev Up Your Ride with Dubai’s Hottest Number Plate Auction!

Get ready for Dubai’s hottest number plate auction! Bid on 350 premium plates with unique codes and rev up your ride. Take advantage of this!

Hey there, fellow car enthusiasts and collectors! 

We have exciting news to rev up your engines and get your heart racing. 

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is all set to host the 72nd online auction of some seriously cool and premium vehicle number plates! 

Are you ready to pimp your ride with a fancy new license plate? 

Let us dive into the details!

Get Ready for the Coolest Auction in Town!

If you dream of owning a unique and exclusive number plate for your beloved wheels, this is your chance to make it a reality. 

The RTA is putting up 350 super snazzy plates for grabs. 

Moreover, we are not talking about just any regular plates – these babies come with 3, 4, and 5 digits, making them the cream of the crop!

What is So Special About These Plates?

Ah, we are glad you asked! 

These plates are different from your run-of-the-mill ones. Each plate comes with a super cool code like (A-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-Y). 

It is like having your car’s very own secret identity! Moreover, hey, check out some of the most sought-after plates on the block:

  • M 535
  • T 451
  • L 69069
  • A 50052
  • V 1107
  • V 5567
  • T 2223
  • R 33434
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Mark Your Calendar, Folks!

The action will kick off on Monday, July 31, at 8 am, and it will keep the adrenaline pumping for five days straight. 

So, take advantage of this window of opportunity to get your hands on the plate of your dreams!

Get in on the Action – Here is How!

Ready to dive in and make your bid? 

First things first, you need to register for the online auction. 

And guess what?

Registration has already started on Monday, July 24. 

So, save time and secure your spot in the race!

The Road to Participation

Before you zoom into the bidding frenzy, you will need to meet some requirements:

  • Traffic File: Make sure you have a Traffic File opened in Dubai – it is a must-have pass to the party!
  • Security Cheque: Get your hands on a security cheque worth AED 5,000 made out to the RTA. They need assurance that you are serious about this cool competition.
  • Participation Fee: This is a small cost you will have to bear. The participation fee is AED 120, but snagging your dream plate is a small price!

Payment Options – Easy Peasy!

Paying for the registration and bidding is a breeze. You have got a few options:

  • Happy Campers: If you are near Umm Al Ramool, Al Barsha, or Deira, head to the Customers Happiness Centres to pay in person.
  • Tech-Savvy: Prefer doing things online? No worries! You can pay via credit card on the RTA website. Convenience at your fingertips!
  • App it Up: Have the Dubai Drive app? Well, guess what – you can use it to make your payment too!
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VAT Alert!

Keep in mind that there is a 5% VAT charge on these premium plates. So, make sure you’ve factored that into your budget.

Join the A-List of Car Owners

You know what they say – a snazzy number plate is the ultimate status symbol on the roads of Dubai. 

Moreover, if you need any proof, look back at history! 

In 2016, a 5-digit plate sold for a jaw-dropping AED 33 million! 

So, by owning one of these exclusive plates, you will join the city’s elite A-list of car owners.

Ready, Set, Bid!

All right, folks, the stage is set, and the engines are revving! 

Get yourself registered and get ready for the hottest auction in town. 

You never know; you might drive away with the coolest license plate ever!

So, mark your calendars, spread the word, and let the bidding war begin! 

We will see you at Dubai’s premium number plate auction on July 31! 

Good luck, and may the best bidder win!

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