Saudi Arabia Embraces the 'Language of the Future' - Chinese

Saudi Arabia Embraces the ‘Language of the Future’ – Chinese

Saudi Arabia integrates the Chinese language into its curriculum, strengthening ties and promoting trade with China, its largest trading partner in West Asia.

Riyadh – In a move reflecting the strengthening ties between Saudi Arabia and China, Saudi Arabia has announced that it will soon begin integrating the Chinese language and literature into its educational institutions.

A Bold Move Towards the Future

This initiative is not just about language.

It also involves teaching Saudi educators Mandarin and exposing them to Chinese culture. 

The aim is to cultivate deeper understanding and ties between the two nations.

Saudi Arabia is not merely looking at this as a cultural exchange but as an opportunity for the future. 

With China being Saudi Arabia’s largest trading partner in West Asia, there is a strategic advantage in understanding China’s primary language and cultural nuances.

Genesis of the Idea

The proposal to introduce the Chinese language into the Saudi educational curriculum was conceptualized by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2019. 

Since then, the idea has gained considerable traction and support within educational and governmental sectors.

Promoting Trade Relations

A recent report in Arab News cites an education professor’s statement that mastering Chinese can further boost the trade relations between China and Saudi Arabia. 

The mutual economic benefits are hard to overlook.

The Growing Importance of Chinese

Saudi education experts believe that the Chinese will soon assume significant global importance.

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“Everyone is well aware of the international trend for learning the Chinese language, even in developed countries where politicians are proud of their sons and daughters speaking Chinese,” shared an assistant professor at King Abdulaziz University.

Increased Chinese Investments

Saudi Arabia’s decision comes when the country is witnessing a surge in investments from Chinese firms. 

This increasing economic cooperation opens up many opportunities for businesses from both nations.


In conclusion, Saudi Arabia’s move to embrace the Chinese language in its educational institutions underscores the evolving geopolitical landscape and the nation’s forward-thinking approach to global partnerships and trade.

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