Saudi Arabia Positions Itself as the Next Major Gaming Hub in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia Positions Itself as the Next Major Gaming Hub in the Middle East

Learn about Saudi Arabia’s plans to become a top gaming and eSports hub in the Middle East through investments and partnerships, fostering growth in the industry and community.

In a striking move to revolutionize its entertainment and technology sectors, Saudi Arabia has announced multi-billion dollar investments to make the kingdom a leading gaming hub in the Middle East.

This initiative has attracted attention from global and regional giants in the gaming industry, setting the stage for a transformative journey in digital entertainment.

Bold Moves and Strategic Partnerships

The Saudi government’s proactive approach has culminated in significant partnerships with industry leaders like Tencent, a Chinese tech behemoth, and Gamers Hub Media Events, known for the GameCentric platform in the UAE.

These collaborations aim to expand the gaming sector by fostering relationships with sports bodies and local enterprises.

One of the notable partnerships includes a 3-year agreement between Tencent’s Level Infinite and the Esports World Cup Foundation to promote eSports ecosystems through popular games like PUBG MOBILE and Honor of Kings, not just in the region but globally.

Additionally, GameCentric’s alliance with POWReSports is set to launch influencer management campaigns, further boosting the kingdom’s gaming profile.

A Hub for eSports Excellence

Saudi Arabia is gearing up to host the inaugural Esports World Cup 2024 in Riyadh, a testament to its commitment to becoming an eSports powerhouse.

In alignment with this, PUBG MOBILE will introduce a new World Cup event featuring a staggering $3 million prize pool, underlining the kingdom’s ambition to be at the forefront of competitive gaming.

Moreover, plans for a dedicated gaming and eSports district within Qiddiya, a projected mega-city entertainment hub, are underway.

This initiative underscores the kingdom’s efforts to establish a significant market for the gaming industry.

Key Gaming Industry Partnerships in Saudi Arabia

Tencent & Esports World Cup Foundation3-year partnership for PUBG MOBILE and Honor of KingsEnhance eSports ecosystems
GameCentric & POWReSportsInfluencer management campaignsDrive gamer acquisition

Saudi Arabia’s Gaming Popularity

With over 23 million gamers, approximately 67% of its population, Saudi Arabia boasts a vibrant gaming community. This demographic represents a significant market opportunity for industry players looking to tap into the Middle East’s burgeoning gaming scene.

Investments and Future Prospects

Saudi Arabia’s ambitious vision is supported by an investment strategy that includes spending around $8 billion to acquire stakes in leading gaming companies, spearheaded by the Savvy Games Group.

The Financial Times highlighted these efforts as part of the Crown Prince’s vision to transform the kingdom into a global hub for games and eSports.

The kingdom aims to host 250 gaming companies and studios, creating 39,000 jobs and contributing about 1% to its GDP by 2030. 

The proposed gaming district in Qiddiya will span 500,000 square meters, providing a base for up to 25 eSports teams and housing regional headquarters for over 30 video game companies.


Saudi Arabia’s strategic investments and partnerships in the gaming sector demonstrate a clear vision towards becoming a major hub in the Middle East. 

By cultivating a strong infrastructure and leveraging its young, tech-savvy population, the kingdom is set to make significant strides in the global gaming and eSports arenas.

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