Valorant International Leagues Announced A New Era in Esports

Valorant International Leagues Announced: A New Era in Esports

Discover the 2023 roster for Valorant International Leagues across the Americas, Europe, and Asia announced by Riot Games, emphasizing diversity and fan engagement in esports.

Riot Games Unveils Valorant Champions Tour Teams

Today, Riot Games officially announced the 30 elite teams forming the Valorant International Leagues, a major part of the Valorant Champions Tour across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. 

This announcement comes on the heels of a report by Sports Business Journal earlier this week, particularly highlighting the exclusion of G2 Esports and OpTic Gaming from the lineup.

Criteria for Selection: Financial Stability, Fan Engagement, and Diversity

According to Riot Games, the selection process prioritized financial sustainability, robust fan connections, and a strong commitment to diversity. 

This strategic approach ensures the long-term success and popularity of the leagues.

Notably, organizations that still need to cut this time have a chance to join the international leagues through upcoming Ascension tournaments.

Americas: A Blend of North and Latin American Teams

The 2023 roster for the Americas is an exciting mix, featuring five teams from North America, three from Brazil, and two from other Latin American countries. 

Some prominent teams include Sentinels, Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, and Loud – the reigning world champions. 

Surprisingly, the grand finalists OpTic Gaming and other notable teams like FaZe Clan and TSM are missing from the roster.

Europe-Middle East-Africa: Surprises and Strong Contenders

The European-Middle East-Africa roster also brings some surprises, especially with teams like Karmine Corp and BBL Esports, which do not carry the same international recognition as others on the list. 

However, teams like Fnatic, Team Liquid, and Team Vitality ensure a highly competitive league.

Asia: A Diverse and Competitive Lineup

In Asia, the roster includes teams such as Zeta Division, Detonation Gaming, and Gen.G, promising a diverse and thrilling competition. 

Teams like T1 and DRX add to the strength and competitiveness of the league.

Looking Ahead: Expansion in 2024

Riot Games has plans to expand the list of teams in 2024, indicating a dynamic and evolving landscape in the Valorant esports arena. 

The partnership with Riot Games is viewed as one of the most lucrative opportunities in the esports sector, reflecting esports’ growing prominence and financial potential worldwide.


In conclusion, the announcement of the Valorant International Leagues marks a significant milestone in the esports industry, setting the stage for intense competition and showcasing the strategic focus of Riot Games on sustainability, fan engagement, and diversity.

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