Terrorist Attack in Ankara A Deep Dive into Details

Terrorist Attack in Ankara: A Deep Dive into Details

Ankara faces a shocking terrorist attack involving a hijacked vehicle loaded with explosives. Details emerge of the terrorists’ deceptive tactics and the tragic death of a well-loved veterinarian.

The Scheme Unfolds

Ankara has been recently rattled by details regarding a bombing attempt. 

It was discovered that two terrorists used a vehicle they hijacked, loading it with explosives in Adana, and then made their way to Ankara via the Saimbeyli-Feke route. 

They cleverly masked their intentions by appearing as a family, accompanied by a woman and a child.

Vehicle’s Origin Revealed

The vehicle used for the bombing attempt in front of Ankara’s Police Department was traced back to Kayseri’s Develi District

These terrorists gave the appearance of a typical family, deceiving the owner, a veterinarian named Mikail Bozağan, to hitch a ride. 

However, their sinister plans soon unveiled when they assaulted and tragically murdered Mikail after gaining his trust.

Day of the Attack: A Near Tragedy

Yesterday, around 09:30 AM, two terrorists arrived in front of the Ministry of Interior’s Police Department entrance in Ankara using a vehicle with license plate 38 TP 962

One of the terrorists detonated himself, while the other was neutralized. 

In the process, two police officers were injured.

Terrorists’ Deception

With the incident still fresh in people’s minds, new information has emerged. 

Video footage confirmed the Saimbeyli-Feke route the terrorists took after loading the car with explosives in Adana. 

Furthermore, witnesses recounted seeing the terrorists, with a woman and child, stop the vehicle at a roadside. 

This family guise enabled them to stop Bozağan’s car by hitchhiking. 

At one point, they were even seen shopping at a local store.

A Fabricated Story

Posing as drummers heading to a nearby village for a wedding, the terrorists lied that their drum had burst. 

It was later discovered that the woman and child separated from the two terrorists at some point.

A Heart-wrenching Memory

Ibrahim Gün, former head of the Gedikli neighborhood in Adana’s Feke district, narrated an emotional story about Mikail Bozağan. 

Back in 2005, a young Mikail, then six years old, had gone missing while picking mushrooms but was found after four days of intense searching, surviving without food or water. 

However, his cousin Hasan tragically died during the search. 

Ibrahim Gün expressed deep sorrow upon learning of Mikail’s recent death, recalling the incident.

A Life Cut Short

Mikail Bozağan was described as a beloved veterinarian in the region. 

Gün highlighted how terrorism claimed Mikail when he thought he was simply helping someone out. 

“People around here are used to picking up hitchhikers. Mikail thought he was doing a good deed, but they ended his life,” said Gün.

Identifying The Perpetrators

The Ministry of Interior shared updates on the attack at 09:26 AM in Ankara. 

Investigations revealed that one of the terrorists was a member of the separatist terror organization PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party)

The identity of the other terrorist is still under verification.

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