Protests Rock Israel Demonstrators Clash with Police in Day of Disruption

Protests Rock Israel: Demonstrators Clash with Police in Day of Disruption

Nationwide protests and roadblocks rock Israel as demonstrators clash with police in opposition to the cancellation of probable cause. Tensions escalate, posing a significant challenge to the government.


Israel is experiencing a wave of protests and disruptions across the country as demonstrators take to the streets to voice their opposition to a recent legislative decision. 

Dubbed the “Day of Disruption,” these protests have intensified tensions between the police and protesters, creating a significant challenge for the government.

Protests Against Legislative Decision

Protests Rock Israel
Protests Rock Israel

Protest leaders have organized widespread demonstrations as part of the “Day of Resistance to the Dictatorship.” 

Their main grievance is the cancellation of probable cause, which undermines the principle of reasonableness. 

This decision passed during the first reading at the Knesset, has sparked widespread outrage and calls for action from the protesters. 

They argue that it threatens Israeli democracy and the rule of law.

Roadblocks and Demonstrations Cause Disruptions

Throughout the day, roads across Israel have been blocked and disrupted, causing inconvenience for commuters and travelers. 

These demonstrations have affected major intersections and highways, including the coastal road, road 1, road 4, and Ayalon routes. 

At the boat interchange, dozens of tents have been set up, and tires have been set on fire to amplify the protesters’ message. 

In Tel Aviv, thousands of demonstrators have gathered in front of the Histadrut building, demanding action and chanting slogans such as “Arnon, wake up.”

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Impact on Ben Gurion Airport

Protests Rock Israel
Protests Rock Israel

The main demonstration is scheduled at Ben Gurion Airport, following a similar protest the previous week, resulting in numerous arrests. 

Today, approximately 84,000 passengers on 499 flights are expected to pass through the airport. 

With almost 44,000 departing and over 40,000 arriving, the protest aims to make a strong impact during the evening hours, potentially causing disruptions for travelers.

Reservists Express Concerns about CyberSecurity

In a significant development, 300 reservists serving in the offensive cyber formation have announced their decision to halt volunteering for reserve service in response to the cancellation of probable cause. 

These reservists, associated with esteemed cyber security entities like 8200, the Shin Bet, and the Mossad, have serious concerns about the government’s intentions. 

They believe revoking probable cause could create a corrupt military culture, endangering state institutions, including security agencies. 

These reservists emphasize that sensitive cyber capabilities should not be entrusted to a government that undermines democratic principles. 

They call for a halt to offensive cyber work under such circumstances.

Clashes between Protesters and Police

Tensions have escalated as clashes between protesters and the police have occurred at various locations throughout the day. 

Hundreds of protesters have blocked the area at the Elite intersection near the stock exchange in Ramat Gan. 

In Jerusalem, clashes erupted at the Cinema City intersection involving around a thousand protesters. 

Another blockage occurred at the Agrant-Rabin intersection in front of the Supreme Court, leading to clashes with law enforcement. 

The police have used measures such as Makhtazeit to disperse the protesters at the Kaplan intersection in Tel Aviv.

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Hundreds of lawyers and citizens have gathered in the courthouse square in Tel Aviv, displaying signs and Israeli flags, to express their opposition to the legal revolution. 

Attorney Nadav Wiseman, representing Attorney Amit Bachar’s office, addressed the crowd, emphasizing the threat the legislation poses to Israeli law, democracy, and justice. 

Lawyers unitedly stand against what they view as a coup d’├ętat, particularly objecting to the bill to abolish probable cause.

They argue that this proposed legislation grants excessive power, enabling absurd actions and undermining the principles of democracy.

Histadrut Chairman Urges Responsible Leadership

Arnon Bar-David, Chairman of the Histadrut (Israel’s General Federation of Labor), has called on the Prime Minister to take decisive action and address the chaotic state of Israeli society. 

Bar-David stressed the need to prevent extremists from seizing control and appealed for stability and order. 

Although the Histadrut is a non-political body, Bar-David emphasized that they would intervene when necessary. 

He acknowledged the power of the Histadrut and urged responsible leadership, cautioning against rash actions that could disrupt the economy and impact the livelihoods of hardworking individuals.


Israel witnesses a day filled with protests, disruptions, and clashes as demonstrators express their discontent over the cancellation of probable cause in the Knesset’s first reading. 

These protests highlight concerns about the erosion of democracy, while clashes with law enforcement underscore the situation’s intensity. 

As roadblocks and disruptions cause inconvenience, the nation grapples with the impact on major intersections and Ben Gurion Airport. 

In addition, reservists in the cyber security sector and the legal community voice their opposition to the legislative changes. 

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As tensions remain high, the nation awaits further developments in this challenging period.

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